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Filing an Insurance Claim : 101

Should I file a Claim?

Leave that decision to our experts, call us for a free inspection and we can help you determine if you should be filing a claim or not. After a major natural calamity, it's important that one must file the claim as soon as possible. Delaying this can cause further deterioration of the roof and your home in general. If such incidents are followed by major rain or snow, then it can lead to water logging and can make its way through the roof when standing for too long. This can lead to moss, algae and even mold formations.

Approvals, Denials, appraisals and trials

Insurance claims are anything but a simple acknowledgment of damage from an insurance adjuster who graciously cuts a check covering all of your damages down to the last dollar. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Auto, Property & Casualty or Life there are so many intricate details that make each insurance claim unique. By not understanding your policy, not understanding the Insurance industry business model and not hiring the right people to walk you from filing to final invoicing, can hurt the success of your claim and recoupment of funds to repair or replace anything that has been damaged, lost or stolen. The scenarios are never ending, from partial approvals to complete denials in bad faith forcing appraisals to take place or court trials where the carrier hopes to wear you down. They use words like “Usual and Customary” to quell an uprising from a policyholder and justify underpaying a claim but we use words like “Fair and Reasonable” to negotiate and settle your claim justly.

Are you getting what you deserve?

Let's face it, inspite of all the assurances from Insurance companies their main goal is to work for themselves. You should get an independent assessment done and have the damages assessed. Many times when insurance company sends their inspector, they fail to report all the damages - that's why we go the extra mile to make ourselves available around the inspection time, so we can point them to anything they may have missed. We have also helped them get some pictures of difficult to reach areas that they usually ignore.

If my Insurance company is paying to replace my roof, do I have to pay the deductable?

Yes-No-Maybe! Once your insurance company as done the inspection, they will go create an estimate of the amount needed to replace the roof. However they will reduce your deductable from it. As with any purchases, there are always bulk discounts, rebates, or special offers. We work with top providers to get the best discounts which can help us work with our customers within their resonable budget. Our goal is to reduce your out-of-pocket expense. We understand the stress you go through during the tough times like these when your roof needs to be replaced and last thing should be on your mind is out-of-pocket expense. We make sure while we are doing this there is no impact to the quality of the products used, or workmanship or the time schedule.